January 24

AgroTechFarm obtains patents for the unit for growing organic vegetables, berries and greens

AgroTechFarm is a revolutionary unit for year-round growing of berries, vegetables, and greens without human intervention. High technology equipment reproduces unique conditions for growing crops, these parameters are pre-digitized and programmed in a distributed database. Simple settings in the system management do not require professional agronomic skills or knowledge in crop production, and the... high performance of industrial models ensures quick payback. Currently, the company has received 3 patents for inventions under the project. In December 2018, the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation issued a patent for the invention of a device for cultivating plants. The patent application provides a detailed description of the unit, the technologies it uses and the methods of growing crops indoors, with automatic maintenance of optimal growth conditions. Technology description The construction of the unit allows growing short, medium and tall plants with different types of morphological structure. The solution combines the main advantages of hydroponics and aeroponics in growing crops and eliminates the specific disadvantages of these methods. The device and the technology it is based on automate the delivery of nutrients, implement nutrient control, starting from the seed planting stage, and allow to avoid emergency overflow of the solution, prevent the death of plants in case of irrigation pump failure. There are no nozzles and sprinklers in the system. The unit is characterized by increased reliability and doesnt require regular maintenance. Oxygenation of the nutrient solution at the roots is carried out through the holes in the sprinkling tube that goes around the pot with the plant or around the perimeter of the reservoir with the pots. This ensures uniform distribution of dissolved nutrients and oxygen. In addition, the system has an automatic water replacement function. Intelligent lighting system Providing an optimal environment for growing crops in conditions of limited natural sunlight in enclosed spaces requires the use of artificial light sources. AgroTechFarm uses a specially designed LED lamp that allows changing the light intensity and the ratio of the spectral composition depending on the culture, its morphology and growth stage. The lamp controller configures different parameters of intensity and set of the spectrum. The controller receives information about the type of culture and its characteristics from the central processor. In turn, the central processor collects data by ultrasound measuring the height of the plant in a hardware way. To increase the illumination of the lower tiers, LED lamps of the linear type are used, they are located in the corners of the growth chamber. The ability of the intelligent artificial lighting system to configure a different spectral set and the light intensity allows it to be successfully used for the growing of a large range of plants. Air exchange system The ventilation system provides regular air turnover, maintaining the desired level of moisture and temperature for each specific type of plant. The controlled device models the desired climate parameters depending on the type of crop. Full air turnover in the growing room is carried out twice a minute. The specified climatic parameters are supported by two air circulation circuits: the temperature increase circuit removes the cold air masses when the temperature in the growth chamber decreases, the reduction circuit functions in the opposite direction when the temperature rises. The use of this method allows excluding the use of air conditioning systems in close to home climate conditions, which significantly reduces the cost of equipment. The level of moisture is controlled in the ventilation circuit by adding fine particles of water to the air flow. In addition, the functionality of the circulation circuit includes plant nutrition with carbon dioxide and

January 22

AgroTechFarm??organic green-stuff high-tech farming

Nowadays gardeners rarely grow organic berries, vegetables and greenery, considering the technology of their cultivation quite difficult and expensive. Growing strawberries, lettuce, basil, rocket salad, tomatoes, cucumbers and other crops on an industrial scale is not only fairly simple, but also economically beneficial, though not always environmentally friendly. But what if the opportunity to organic food becomes available to each of us? Scientists have long been looking for alternative ways to solve agricultural problems, paying special attention to reducing the delivery chain of goods of goods to the consumer. At the same time the attempts have been made to reduce increasing product quality while reducing the cost of business in the agricultural sector. Today, this opportunity has arisen due to the creation of the revolutionary AgroTechFarm (ATF) unit, designed for the automated cultivation of various types of fruits, vegetables and greens in home or industrial environments. Professional agronomic skills and special knowledge in crop production are not required. A unique device reproduces previously digitized and programmed in a distributed database conditions of crop photosynthesis. Users can easily control the entire growth process in a web format or via a mobile application. ATF technology combines scientific, engineering and software solutions for growing organic crops in artificially created conditions that completely reproduce natural ones. With the new concept of saving cultivation, organic strawberries can be harvested all year-round anywhere in the world, and the high productivity of industrial units will ensure the efficient use of capital, guaranteeing a quick return on equipment. ATF technology??how it works. An innovative solution is implemented in the interaction of two alternative methods of growing plants in an artificial environment??hydroponics and aeroponics. The first method involves feeding the crops with a special solution that surrounds the roots and doesnt require soil, the second allows you to grow plants in aerial environment, supplying nutrients to the roots in the form of an aerosol. Complex technology ensures even distribution of dissolved nutrients and oxygen at the roots, simulating the required level of moisture in the substrate and eliminating the need for human participation at all stages of growth. The unit also has a protection system that prevents plants from drying out in case of power failure for a period of 26 hours. Other AgroTechFarm functional components: Intelligent system of artificial lighting, formed by LED lamps, which corrects the luminous flux, changes the light intensity, the ratio of the spectral composition, and simulates the power and composition of the spectrum from 440 nm to 740 nm, depending on the type of plant and its morphological development stage; Air recovery system, which regularly updates the composition, maintains the desired level of humidity and air temperature in enclosed spaces, simulates the optimal climate parameters for each plant species and allows to eliminate the need for air conditioning in close-to-home climatic conditions; CO2 feeding unit, ensuring carbon dioxide supply to the plant. CO2 is the most important building element needed to accelerate the growth of the vegetative mass in the daytime phase and in the growing room; A 2-stage air cleaning system including a chamber with carbon filtration, in which volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds of a gas molecule are absorbed, and an ionized filtration unit to catch molecules that have passed a carbon filter; Automatic unit for diluting solution. This unit controls the supply, electrical conductivity, acidity, temperature and the selected formulation of nutrient solutions for each specific plant species, ensures the accuracy of the composition, including more than 20 vital trace elements and microorganisms. ATF equipment is implemented i

December 25

ATF is now listed on IDEX!

After ATFs first listing on, the AgroTechFarm team has been hard at work on listing ATF on a second exchange. Today, ATF has been listed on IDEX exchange! IDEX is an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange that features Ethereum and ERC20 token trading pairs. IDEX employs smart contracts that allow users to manage their private keys and trade in a secure, peer-to-peer environment. ... ATF has now been listed on IDEX exchange and can be traded with Ethereum. Happy trading!

December 8

ATFs first exchange

It has been a hectic time for AgroTechFarm. The ICO has ended, and all focus was shifted to getting the ATF farms ready and improving the backbone that represents AgroTechFarm. The ATF team has been hard at work at establishing contacts and agreements with a range of crypto exchanges. We are proud to announce that today, ATF has been listed on! has opened ETH and ...BTC trading pairs for ATF. Please register with the following link to support ATF:

September 29

6 Years Is A Long Way To Go

The idea of AgroTechFarm was born in 2012 and started with a few tests and experiments. Ever since then the process was driven forward by the dedicated team of professionals and enthusiasts. Within two years we were able to acquire a patent and started the first plan growth model trials. That led us to creating a home unit and actually grow our first plants. The process was done completely hydropo...nically that proved all of our ideas right. These small successes were huge for us and kept us going. We didnt stop till we worked out all the bugs and glitches and made the unit better. As a result, in 2017 we were able to present our product at the trade fairs, gain respect and support from the potential clients and investors on the industrial scale. At the moment, ATF team is developing new strategies that will promote ATFs expansion to the international markets. First results shown, first harvest is collected and first customers are already waiting in line to get their ATF appliances. We are not waiting for the change to take place. We are transforming the agricultural market ourselves. ?? Ilya Tsigvintsev, the Founder of ATF The future is bright for ATF. We are having plans for both near and far future. We start with the ATF Industrial being manufactured and installed in the various environments, including the most extreme ones. And we aim for the 2025 when we get to launch an ATF unit to Mars in collaboration with NASA, Rosscosmos and Elon Musk. It is only 7 years away so we better get back to work! It is true that the market of organic food is gaining its momentum, so does ATF. Become a witness of the organic revolution in the sphere of agriculture together with AgroTechFarm.

September 23

Developing Market Of Cannabis Growing Together With ATF!

Cannabis is one of the most controversial notions these days. No one is really indifferent, people are either for or against it. Despite worldwide use of the plant for medical, recreational and spiritual purposes for thousands of years, the rough past decade of the drug abuse led to pretty much any drug to be qualified as a bad one. However, now people started turning around about it after discove...ring that cannabis can actually be good for you and even save lives when using a right approach. How Cannabis can benefit your health?* - Reliefs chronic pain and muscle spasm; - Decreases anxiety when used in small doses; - Lessens side effects and increases the impact of Hepatitis C treatment; - Reliefs arthritis discomfort; - Helps control sugar cravings; - Spurs creativity; - Eliminates nightmares. How Cannabis can benefit your business? 1. Large existing market??medical field. Aside from the pain management use, there are researches going on that may lead to marijuana or some of its components treat glaucoma, control epileptic seizures, even stop cancer from spreading. 2. Vastly growing recreational market (expanding every year as more countries legalize cannabis). In the US alone the huge increase has been documented. in 2016, North American consumers spent $ 6.7 billion on the purchase of cannabis for medical purposes, which is 34% higher than in 2015. And it keeps growing as more states accept marijuana. - Additional markets (creating cannabis sub-products: oil extraction, vaporizers and evaporators, even candy. The idea that states and countries legalize marijuana use means that people open up to its benefits. That creates an unprecedented demand for the product. ATF units help you answer that call and provide high-quality product to a demanding market. The subject of Cannabis legalization is not to be taken lightly. ATF recognizes that some countries have bans on cannabis production, sale and consumption. We support that and ensure there is no loophole in our system. All machines require an Internet connection to download the specific cultivation program. At this stage, the users will be identified and prevented from accessing the files that are not legal in their country. Moreover, as the cannabis industry is rapidly expanding all over the world, there is a very promising investment opportunity behind it. By contributing to ATF now you will be able to gain profit not just because of the growing popularity of cannabis and its legalization, but also because of the low ETH rate on the market that is expected to rise in the nearest future. Take a look at the article that lists the 10 countries that are most likely to legalize marijuana after Canada: To learn more about our policy please check here: ATF Team

September 18

Bio VS Organic VS ATF

Dear members of the ATF community, Choosing agriculture as your passion means you care about the results of your work. You essentially want to grow fruit and vegetables that will make people healthy and happy. Unlike processed foods, produce doesnt have packaging. Consumers will never really know what has been used to grow the food they buy. It is your responsibility as a farmer to ensure the fo...od meets the standards of your Department of Agriculture and, more importantly, the careful and demanding families that literally consume the fruits of your labor. With many standards levels and regulations, it may be hard to understand what is the best option to adhere to for both your business and your end customers in mind. The dominated trends now are organic and bio products. At AgroTechFarm we are setting up the new trend. To reveal the differences between those three options we put it all in a table below. Depending on the country, the standards will vary but the basics are the same. As a result of this comparison, you can see that both Bio and Organic food is produced with nature in mind. By supporting organic farming you reduce the environmental impact but dont actually make any direct difference for your consumers. For the product to be 100% clean you need to grow it in a bubble. Lucky for you, that bubble is our AgroTechFarm unit! These are some advantages of ATF: - Growing is happening inside the units controlled environment at all times; - Plant cultivation is a guaranteed success regardless of outside conditions; - Mineral supplement intake is closely controlled and tampering with pesticides is out of question; - Potential air contaminants are prevented by replaceable charcoal and built-in electronic filters; - Vegetative mass is increased by 30 % by stimulating active metabolism in a plant; - Aeroponics pollination; - Automatic cleaning and water intake. You get it right, the ATF device is pre-programmed to do most of the work for you, yet as a result, you get healthier and more lavish harvest. Now you know how to distinguish between bio, organic and ATF produce. However, we all already know what you will choose in the nearest future between these three:) Happy growing! ATF Team

September 9

What were they thinking? Generating the idea of ATF.

Quite often now you see a business idea that wows you. It is so simple, almost on the surface, yet no one has come up with the material solution thus far. How cool it would be to pick the brain of the creators to see what they were thinking. AgroTechFarm is one of those ideas that seem simple, yet there is a lot of research behind it and tons of work put into it. To give you a brief on ATF, it is... an appliance for growing plants (veggies, berries, etc). Genius! And the timing couldnt be better. Now, when people pay close attention to what they put in their bodies and make attempts to grow their own food at home, is the best time to offer a tool that will help you do it with ease. Co-founders Ilya Tsigvintsev and Alexander Basov sensed the trend and back in 2012 set an ambitious goal of making organic green food easily accessible to everyone in the world. They faced the following challenges: + Diverse markets. There is demand for both Agricultural industry and personal use; + Works for a variety of plants, even the most demanding in growth; + Make the whole cycle automated; + Negative environmental impact needs to be minimized; + How to make this technology affordable; + How to make it grow to a worldwide scale. It is critical to have your major and sub-goals set very clearly, otherwise, you will be like a chicken with no head. The second step is your team. ATF unites a large group of people with different backgrounds who serve the above goals and driven to deliver the best possible results. And they did. AgroTechFarm is a revolutionary device that facilitates the automatic growth of vegetables, berries, cannabis, greens. It solves all the problems listed earlier. + The ATF comes in a variety of sizes with Home and industrial Series to suit personal and manufacturing use; + Being fully automated, ATF is preprogrammed to grow a number of plants adjusting to their specific needs. Light, irrigation and nutrient balance guarantee a successful and constant crop all year round. + There are no chemicals used in ATF. Ever. 100% natural! + ATF is the gift that keeps on giving. At home, the ability to grow food with no limits saves money on a long run. In the factory, the automated system minimizes labor and maintenance expenses. As you can see, there is a lot going on in the heads of ATF team. While right now they are getting ready to launch AgroTechFarm appliance production line earlier announced date at roadmap, all eyes are on the future, Collaboration with NASA and Roscosmos, and sending ATF units to Mars in 2025. No kidding, we are ready to talk with Elon ;) ATF Team

September 8

Why invest in ATF?

The age-old question...Invest or do not invest? In fact, AgroTechFarm founders invest their money into the blockchain based projects. Make sure you understand, investment always comes with the risk of losing money. The key here is to relate to the project (don't invest in something you don't understand), study it thoroughly and review the growth predictions they make, talk with community and proje...ct founders. Please dive a bit deeper to understand the reality behind the beautiful picture of the landing page. Let's talk about ATF a bit here. No matter what, we are sure that the food industry will be there tomorrow and a year from now, growing and expanding on the wave of technology and trends like clean eating and sustainability. It is solid enough to know your risks are minimal. That is one of the main reasons why you should consider investing in ATF. ATF is choosing cryptocurrency as a way of crowdfunding and an opportunity for investment. The ultimate goal is to raise $10 million and launch the industrial production of ATF appliances globally. Yet, ATF has a plan to continue development regardless of the crowdfunding outcome and you can see the result already (several MOU agreements and commercial interest from over the world). This is history in the making. Cryptocurrency is a modern, safe and mutually beneficial way for both the company and the investors to see trackable progress and more or less accurate predictions. This is a second reason for investing in ATF. Here are more: ATF token holders receive up to 20% discounts* on the innovative products; And 50% discount* on the maintenance and supplies (seeds, nutrients, hardware accessories, AgroTechFarm PRO app); Referral program: receive 5% of the token purchase made from your link; As an ATF token holder, take advantage of the global ecosystem of natural green food built around the disrupting agricultural technology with an innovative product; ATF tokens will provide the opportunity to profit from the legal cannabis market. ATF strives for transparency, all the information will be easily accessible based on blockchain technology. So there you have it. One of the most stable industries (I eat therefore I am) backed by the safety of the crypto platform with a bunch of perks on top. Tokens are created using the ERC20 smart contract and there were only 5,000,000 released without any plans of adding more. The base price of the 1 ATF token = 0.012 ETH, payment is accepted in Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). The pre-sale is now over, but ATF tokens are still available for purchase here during private sale mode.

August 29

ATF Is Expanding To The New Markets

Our team has received a great offer from one of the large companies in Azerbaijan for cooperative production of ATF Home series. In addition, we have received a request from the industrial farm of 10 hectares to supply it with our devices. The trip was mainly devoted to the development of our company in a real sector of economy and preparation to come out on a big international market. We are with the outcomes of this business trip and wanted to share this with you. Stay tuned because our work never stops, meaning fresh news for you are non- stop!

August 24

Cannabis cultivation at ATF: Our Policy

The growth and consumption of marijuana is forbidden by law in many countries, such as Russia, Japan and many others. In this regard, we took the following steps: We do not supply cannabis cultivation equipment in countries where it is prohibited. We have limited the possibility of growing cannabis at the program level in those areas where it is prohibited. In order to launch a program to c...ontrol the cultivation cycle of any plant, the ATF system must be connected to the electricity network, water supply, and to the Internet. If the user attempts to download the cannabis cultivation program in the country where its illegal, we will see it by the IP address and the system will not allow this program to start working. Moreover, in the ATF home series there will be a variety of species to choose, such as strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, cannabis and etc. In countries, where the growth and/or consumption of cannabis is prohibited, this plant will not even be among the species to choose. AgroTechFarm supports the legislation and builds its business within the set boundaries of each country of the ATFs operations.

August 15

Digitalization Of The Growth Conditions

One of the greatest advantages of AgroTechFarm is the ability to scan, store and automatically recreate the growth conditions of the most valuable plants. Thanks to this, the harvest volume is 99% predictable, which brings about a stable plan for your business and a ready-to-use know-how. You can now facilitate your life and improve your harvest as we, at ATF, took care of the following: ATF... does not require professional agronomical skills or specific knowledge in the sphere of crop production. All operations related to photosynthesis are preprogrammed for each type of culture at all stages of growth. Users can easily monitor and control the growth cycle using their smartphones, computers or tablets, which makes the cultivation similar to a game process.

August 7

ATF Hits The World's Markets

Dear members of the ATF community, Today, we wanted to share with you some of the recent news regarding our progress. Up to date we are actively involved in calculations and design of the ATF industrial farms as our project becomes more and more demanded among the investors. Although the mass production has not been launched yet, we already have the real buyers. Among the future purchasin...g deals are: Organic farm in Asia: $1 million Organic farm in Africa: $500k Cannabis farm in North America: $500k Cannabis farm in Europe: $200k Organic farm in Russia: $500k And this is just the beginning! These customers expressed serious intentions to purchase our products, and with some of them we have already signed the MOU agreement.

August 6

ATF Tomato Plant: Growing stage results

In the last post we have showed you the progress of our tomato plant that is growing under the conditions of Agro Tech Farm. In 3 days, the tomato fruits have significantly grown in size as you can see on the photo provided below. If we compare the two pictures, the progress is evident! Soon, we will provide you with the report with the analysis conducted by our team in a laboratory regarding t...he substance of the ripe tomato! Stay tuned and eat organic with ATF!

August 4

Development Of The Root System And Greens

The ATF technology allows you to control the vegetation process at any stage of the plant's growth. Let's take a look at the development of the root system and greens of a tomato plant that we have put under the ATF conditions. The "vegetation" mode was set up for 10 days for the plant to grow and gain the greens. Then, we have changed the mode to "flowering" and after 2 days the plant gave it...s first flowers; After 8 more days since the "flowering" mode the first fruits appeared. We can not skip the necessary steps of the plant's growth. We put on the ideal settings at the growth stage: Firstly come growth and strengthening Secondly, flowering Thirdly, ripening

July 30

ATF's Tomatoes: First Fruits Under the Full Cycle Conditions

We are happy to inform you that our tomato growing under the conditions of ATF demonstrated its first results! This plant went through the full cycle of AgroTechFarm and was raised using the latest ATF equipment and settings. Soon, our team will conduct a profound analysis of this tomato in a laboratory and reveal the report regarding the substances. As soon as the report is ready, we will share ...the results with you! Stay tuned for more news!

July 24

ATF Manufacturing And Production

Today our team wanted to share with you the details about our production, manufacturing of equipment and general information about our daily life! As we do not have our own production so far, we are dependent on the third-party contractors in industrial cities, such as Yekaterinburg in Russia, where the industrial manufacturing is in a high specialization. At the current stage we produce: ... Iron construction - produced at a factory in Yekaterinburg. Light - made by our partners using our diodes (we take diodes from the "Osram" distributor, the contract on the stage of signing) Control unit - ordered according to our technical requirements and schemes. The module for plants?- ordered from manufacturers of plastic products in Yekaterinburg. The rest of the components we assemble ourselves. There are several engineers and agronomists in our team who are engaged in the development and testing. We are not all located in the same office, whereby the agronomists are working in the seedling center, and some of the engineers, who design the software or the control unit according to our tech requirements, are working remotely. This practice allows us to save up as we pay per piece of work. Moreover, such a decentralized system allowed us to attract marketing and community management specialists who help us to bring our product to a new level! That is why it is very important for us to attract a sufficient amount of investments to achieve a full independence in terms of production, so we can control all the processes and facilitate the cost reduction. Now, when all the processes are remote and at different factories, the cost of production is highly expensive, especially in small volumes. We hope, that by disclosing those details, we become closer to our community so that everyone is involved in the process, as we would not achieve such results without your support!

July 13

Osram LED lamps

We are happy to announce that our unique lighting solution for ATF has finally been realized. Our engineers have completed work on a new lighting system using Osram LED lamps and has already integrated it into the pre-production model of the installation. The new lighting system has an unprecedentedly wide color spectrum, which allows you to accurately simulate the natural sunlight inside the inst...allation. Impressive results, we saw in two days! Now that the adaptive light system has been successfully tested, nothing prevents us from starting the ATF installation in series production in August of this year, regardless of the results of the ICO. The organic future of the planet begins, and you still have the opportunity to become a part of it. Join our ICO and get a chance to make money on the global organic food network and the legal cannabis market!

June 27

Projects on CryptoBazar Exclusive in Amsterdam 27-28.06.2018

AgroTechFarm ICO-is a campaign to build a global organic food ecosystem. The core of this system, ATF is a revolutionary appliance that facilitates the fully automated cultivation of green food. AgroTechFarm ICO is raising funds to quickly scale the production of the devices, go global, and make fresh, organic green food available across the globe....

June 28

The Conquest Of Asia!

AgroTechFarm on the wbrshow2018 in Asia(june 28-jule 7)...

July 16

Canada is legalizing cannabis in July 2018.

Canada is legalizing cannabis in July 2018. Full legalization was one of the main pre-election theses of the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. So, now it s time to keep the word. Health Minister of Canada Jane Philpott, speaking on a special session of the UN General Assembly, has announced the full legalization of cannabis in Canada since July 2018. It is important to emphasize that we are... talking about the raft of legislation adoption, which includes the regulation of branches on cultivation and sale, tax rates, excises, quality control, etc. , It means a complete legalization involving a large amount of work, but not just a simple decriminalization of cannabis, which could be done in a couple of days. Despite Canada s apparent success in the new market, economists are still skeptical concerning its future leadership. According to their mind, Canadian domestic market which will be opened after cannabis legalization-is small. And as for leading countrys position in exports is a big question. Thus, the future success of local entrepreneurs companies is rather a large hype and just an attempt to represent the desired for the reality, than the reality itself. The Canadian climate and conditions for large-scale production are unlikely to allow Canada to become the market leader. There are some objective reasons why the most successful West producers in the sphere of agriculture are in California, Arizona, Mexico and Latin America. The production in Portugal and Denmark will not be a competitive advantage, because countries with cheaper labor and more favorable climate show their interest against of the global decriminalization of the herb for its cultivation for export. But in speaking of the climatic parameter, economists did not take into consideration, that Canada is one of the first countries, where the sale of ATF equipment will be started. It allows to grow any quantity of cannabis regardless of weather, ecology and climate, and also users knowledge about crop production

April 5-6

Agrotechfarm in Germany,Berlin April 5-6, 2018


April 9

Agrotechfarm at Kazan summit (April 9-11)


June 1

AgroTechFarm Launches ICO to Allow You Grow Your Own Organic Food

AgroTechFarm steers up the ecofriendly way to produce organic food all year around. The ATF Home Grower is a unique farming appliance, designed by AgroTechFarm for the easy home cultivation of all sorts of herbs, fruits and vegetables. With the amazing counter-top hydroponic technique, ATF home farm turns the process of indoor growing into a game as it does not require any professional background...s and can effortlessly be controlled via smartphone or tablet. Developing the ATF Home Grower, AgroTechFarm initiates customers to reveal their inner farmer-self and grow healthy fruits and vegetables independently of weather conditions. Why Indoor Farming? The reason behind the project relates to a serious health problem of the AgroTechFarm founder, Ilya Tsigvin. While struggling with his own disease, Ilya have come up with the solution applicable to everyone, who wants to make a healthy lifestyle part of his or her routine. After careful medical observation Ilya found out that there is no better treatment than organic food. Unfortunately, due to rough weather conditions, it is impossible to grow any crop in winter, so fresh tomatoes have to travel more than 2500 km before finally appear in your salad. This means those farmers, who import fresh fruits and vegetable during winter period, frequently use chemicals together with silicone sprays and colorants to make their plants overcome long distances and keep staying visually appealing. Seeking out for clean and chemicals-free food becomes even more difficult. So the question has arisen: how to stay healthy while covering the needs for fresh and organic food without facing overheads? The Solution You have probably come up with half of the solution yourself. Only growing your own fully organic food makes your life completely free of chemicals. However only a few of us can boast his own garden and even if you belong to those lucky, farming is exhausting and quite complicated process that requires not only willingness but also special skills and equipment. To combat emerging issues AgroTechFarm provides customers with the cutting-edge ATF Home Grower that guarantees access to almost daily fresh products ready for consumption all year round. The new solution is a high functioning cultivation device, stylishly designed to incorporate into any interior. It is worth to mention that usage of grower does not require obtaining any agronomic skills or special knowledge of the vegetation process. All operations related to photosynthesis are pre-programmed and fully automated. The device also includes a climate control system, which allows fast fruitful vegetation. Users can effortlessly control and monitor cultivation cycles with their smartphone or tablet, making the experience almost game-like. Unique Features of ATF Home Grower The ATF Home Grower runs on hydroponics and advanced LED lighting. Hydroponics is a soil-free cultivation technology, which produces higher yields with lower effort farming, while LED lighting, if correctly used, gives plants better growth stimulation than its sun-catching counterparts do. The fact that growth is soil-free eliminates the risk of diseases or pests. No weeding or special monitoring is needed. Users only job is to plant and enjoy organic food avoiding long queues on the farmers market and hefty price tag. The innovative technology that powers the device eliminates necessity to treat the plant with chemicals, so far the food will not only be delicious, but also healthy. Instead of using it to replace nature, the ATF Home Grower has managed to encapsulate and bring nature into your life for good.

May 16

A quarter of new food releases in Germany are organic-study

A quarter (25%) of all food and drink products launched in Germany in 2017 carried organic claims, according to new data from Mintel. Organic launches have grown steadily over the past ten years in Germany, increasing 291% between 2008 and 2017. Almost three quarters (72%) of Germans would like to have an even wider choice of organic food and drink products where they shop. Mintel research that over half of German consumers (54%) say that a primary factor in their purchasing decision is if a product is organic or has organic ingredients. Support for both statements is highest among consumers aged between 35 and 44, with 63% saying that an organic claim is a primary factor in their decision making, and 79% saying they would like to have a wider choice of organic groceries where they shop. Mintel global food and drink analyst Katya Witham said:The organic trend in Germany is directly linked to strong consumer demand for naturally healthy food. Growing consumer concerns for food safety, the natural environment and their overall health are fuelling demand for organic products, leading to increased use of organic certification labels in German food and drink launches. According to a recent Mintel study, 58% of Germans who buy organic food and drink claim to do so because these products are GMO-free. For over half of consumers (54%), the fact that organic food and drink products do not contain pesticides and chemicals is an important factor. The same proportion of consumers (54%) single out the absence of artificial additives and preservatives in organic food and drink products as another significant factor influencing their purchase decision. The fact that some organic products offer higher animal welfare standards appeals to over half (52%) of German shoppers, while 49% also cite the environmental credentials of organic food and drink. A large majority of Germans (71%) also agree that buying organic products helps support local farmers and agriculture. Katya Witham added: Although health and nutrition remain important considerations for organic purchases, todays consumers expect organic brands to stand for more, with environmental and ethical credentials fast becoming an integrated part of organic consumer expectations. Last month Aldi announced that it will add more than 60 new own-label organic products to its supermarkets in Germany, making it possible for consumers to complete their entire weekly shop by purchasing just organic goods.

May 1

What Produce Should You Be Buying Organic?

All adults and children should eat more fruits and vegetables, whether they are organic or conventionally grown. With EWGs 2018 Shopper s Guide to Pesticides in Produc, you can choose healthy produce while minimizing unwanted doses of multiple toxic pesticides. Many shoppers don t realize that pesticide residues are common on conventionally grown produce, even after it is carefully washed or peel...ed. EWGs analysis of the most recent tests by the Department of Agriculture found that nearly 70 percent of samples of conventionally grown produce were contaminated with pesticide residues. The USDA tests found a total of 230 different pesticides and pesticide breakdown products on the thousands of produce samples analyzed. EWGs analysis of the tests shows that there are stark differences among various types of produce. The Shopper s Guide lists the Dirty Dozen fruits and vegetables with the most pesticide residues, and the Clean Fifteen, for which few, if any, residues were detected. Key findings from this year s guide: More than one-third of strawberry samples analyzed in 2016 contained 10 or more pesticide residues and breakdown products. More than 98 percent of samples of strawberries, peaches, potatoes, nectarines, cherries and apples tested positive for residue of at least one pesticide. Spinach samples had, on average, almost twice as much pesticide residue by weight compared to any other crop. Avocados and sweet corn were the cleanest. Less than 1 percent of samples showed any detectable pesticides. More than 80 percent of pineapples, papayas, asparagus, onions and cabbages had no pesticide residues. No single fruit sample from the Clean Fifteen tested positive for more than four pesticides. It is vitally important that everyone eats plenty of produce, but it is also wise to avoid dietary exposure to toxic pesticides, from conception through childhood, said Sonya Lunder, senior analyst with EWG. With EWGs guide, consumers can fill their fridges and fruit bowls with plenty of healthy conventional and organic produce that isn t contaminated with multiple pesticide residues. Twenty-five years after the National Academy of Sciences issued a landmark report raising concerns about children s exposure to toxic pesticides through their diets, Americans still consume a mixture of pesticides every day. While vegetables and fruits are essential components of a healthy diet, research suggests that pesticides in produce may pose subtle health risks.

April 16-17

World Blockchain Forum-Agro Tech Farm

April 16-17, in Dubai, the big conference-World Blockchain Forum! Our team AgroTechFarm is visiting Dubai s World Blockchain Forum, discussing the future of industry with the brightest minds in the world business. ...

April 10

AgroTechFarm ICO in Kazan-ICO Summit

We were in Kazan at the ICO Summit April 10-11 2018. It was very productive!...

April 1

AgroTechFarm ICO: Combine The Two Fastest Growing Industries in One Glory ICO

Organic food and cannabis industries will come out big in the upcoming years. Profit from the growth of both with a single investment in the AgroTechFarm ICO. The two industries to watch in 2018: Cannabis and Organic Food Cannabis Cannabis was first legalized in Colorado in 2014 and ever since the industry has been booming. Legal marijuana sales in 2017 reached 8 billion dollars. That s 2 mill...ion more than 2016 s value of 6 billion, and more than a 30% increase. What is more, this growth is expected to be a stable 16% each year until 2025. By then the industry is estimated to reach a value of 24 billion. That s the current market sales value of all condiments and sauces in the US. In a few years time we ll rightly say that pot is bigger than ketchup. In this graphic, you can see this trend crystal clear. As you can see, cannabis price has plunged 70% since its legalization in a number of states. Since 2014 it went from $45 a gram to $12.77. For the past years dispensaries have enjoyed an increase in monthly revenue from below $10 million to more than $70 million. High growth is not all good news. Big profit opportunities will inevitably attract big industry players. And when you re talking about plants, that usually means chemicals. And the last thing patients need is more toxins in their bodies. Organic Food If the cannabis industry impressed you, the growth of organic food industry will make your pants drop. The organic food market is significantly more mature than the cannabis. But even on the face of this fact, researchers expect the fruit and vegetables sector to grow a staggering 13% each year until 2025. Does that sound unimpressive to you? Bear in mind cannabis is a brand new industry, while organics have been here for a while. During 2016 organic food sales were 43 billion and the cannabis industry is expected to reach 24 billion in 2025. For a mature industry 13% is huge. To put things into perspective, the grocery store industry grew around 7% for the past years. And the US is by far the world s largest consumer of organic food. For 2015 US alone accounted for a whopping 47% of $75 billion global sales. Unfortunately, suitable land for organic farming in the US may not be enough to support the huge demand. This is one reason behind the still rather too high prices. And with a growing demand, without a production increase we are bound to see even a higher premium on organic products. This will inevitably force people out, and make them settle for less healthier alternative. How our growers help solve these problems? Our growers are a cheaper and more sustainable way to grow anything organically. They combine the benefits of hydroponics with a proprietary microclimate control software to bring the farmer s market to your kitchen. After you plant the seeds the program takes full control of all other processes like gestation, light hours, irrigation and the nutrient solution. You can monitor everything through our dedicated app. Find out more about the appliance itself here. Indoor farming is more efficient than the traditional method. In simple terms, you get more veggies in less space. That means the cost for the same weight of fruit and vegetables drops. The best of all, every process is optimized, so our appliance allows for a 30% decrease in growing time. So, for the same space and time commited you get more produce faster. Hydroponics are the best way to grow a crop. This is because the natural enemies of plants live in the soil. No soil, no pests. And if there are no pests and bugs, there s no need for pesticides or other chemicals. And as each plant is fed nutrients directly, you won t need fertilizers either.

March 13

Welcome Our New Advisor

Agriculture, hydroponics and engineering are familiar waters for us at AgroTechFarm. But when it comes to investing, ICOs and venture capital we need help. Fortunately, our homegrowers are dope, so some really exciting people are joining in! The new addition to our team of advisors is Eli Bernstein. How will Eli be helping your project? Our team met Eli while attending the BEF Conference. Eli ...has extensive experience in strategy, policy making and commercialisation of innovative products. He already advised a number of blockchain projects and helped them with networking. More specifically he deals with financial and legal technological solutions. His latest passion is cannabis technology companies, just like ours. Eli will be connecting us to seed producers. As well as helping us form strategic partnerships with manufacturers in Shenzhen and Israeli cannabis technology (cannatech) experts. Together with that he will assist the procurement of our seeding supply in North America. You have no clue how hard it is to get your own seeds into this country. As well as that he will be assisting with the development of financing options for our customers. Eli will continue working with us even after the ICO is over! So, why did Eli choose the ATF homegrower? Eli is looking for the next big disruptive innovation. Think products or services that revolutionize the way we do something and render the old method obsolete. Like how cars replaced horse carriages. We were thrilled to hear that Eli believes our homegrower can disrupt not only the cannabis but also organic farming industry! According to him industrial agriculture has quite a lot of flaws. Soil erosion, water contamination and use of poisonous pesticides are only some of the problems modern farming is facing at the moment. The cannabis grown in large facilities for commercial is may not be 100% clean. Eli is confident that our homegrowers can alleviate all environmental issues related to modern farming in a single shot. As well as that we will provide a medical and recreational cannabis users with a cheaper and cleaner alternative to buying from a dispensary. It all boils down to Making an impact. Eli takes up only projects that can have a profound effect on our way of living. For our team it is a pleasure to see people who share our outlook for the future. To see people who just like us believe that the ATF homegrower is a sustainable and healthier alternative to industrial farming. We are working on further expanding our team! The ICO Presale officially started. We are more excited than ever! What about you?

February 14

How Strawberries and Cream for Valentines Day is Slowly Killing Our Planet

Toxic chemicals The nutrients in the soil and water fluctuate with weather changes. It is why each crop has a specific window during which to grow. Until the 60s and 70s without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers we had to follow nature s rhythm and eat only seasonal plants. Today to satiate our thirst for strawberries in the winter we stuff crops with chemical fertilizers, caustic a...cids and even the love hormone oxytocin. Apart from that all of these substances soak into the deeper layers to underground waters and then straight to our water sources. So, we often end up either eating or drinking them. For those who are not fans of eating plants or drinking water, these chemicals might still end up in your bodies. The cows and other animals we consume are unlikely to drink only Evian. Neither are they likely to eat only organic plants. So, if your steak is consuming pesticides and all there is, you are also. GMO One of the main arguments for GMO is that it makes the crops naturally more resilient to pests so they need less chemical treatment, Unfortunately, things turn out to be different. Recent research on GMO crops showed that they actually need more pesticides and herbicides than natural crops. Another issue is that the chemicals used for genetic modification may continue to be active after being ingested by humans. If it turn out to be true, it is possible that higher exposure to GMO fruits and vegetables may increase the change of abnormal cell development due to exposure these gene substances. Killing the environment Argiculture stripps off all nutrients and minerals from the soil and if done without care can make it absolutely infertile. Biodiversity is also heavily impacted by industrial agriculture. Animals and wild plants are being pushed back to make room for farm land. Another issue is soil erosion due to deforestation. Tree roots have the vital role to keep the soil together, literally. In hilly places when forests are cut out the soil becomes prone to wind and water erosion. So, in times of heavy rains and strong winds landslides will happen. As Cali saw earlier in January, landslides can be just as devastating as other natural disasters. So.. no more strawberries and cream for Valentines Day? If you want to both enjoy strawberries for Valentines Day and be environment friendly our growers are what you need! Our growers are fully automated and do not require else than planting the seeds. The coolest part is that you can grow your own strawberries?-zero chemicals, zero hurting the environment. In fact, with our appliance you will not only be good to go for Valentine s Day, but also you might as well open a fruit store. Only in 60 days with their homegrower you get to try your homegrown strawberries. That is without ever touching soil or taking care of the crops! Want such a grower at your home? Then definitely our ICO is for you!

March 1

Agro Tech Farm: Organic Food as Medication

Developing our grower was not only a business venture but also a personal journey for one of our team members. For Ilya Tsigvintsev organic food is not just a matter of taste or preference but a medication. Read the story how the ATF grower solved his problems. We are what we eat Age 20, Ilya started having red rashes on his face that resembled acne. Until 25, he stayed idle but as things were g...etting more complicated, he went to get checked. The doctors explained that his condition was due to improper nutrition. Turned out, the food he has been eating contained chemicals that his body cannot process properly. Unfortunately, the acne was a symptom of a more serious health problem. The acne was caused by a gastritis of the duodenum (small intestines). Some of the causes for this condition are repeated exposure to substances from the type of caustic acids that burn organic tissues. Seems strange, doesn t it? How would such substances end up in our bodies? Caustic acid in tomatoes? It is shocking to see that googling the term caustic acid in vegetables yields almost 2 million entries. Appears that many producers spray their vegetables and plants with such poisonous substances to keep them from going bad. Together with that these growers often resort to using silicone spray and colorants to make the veggies more visually appealing. Most medical journals contain papers on the hazard these chemicals pose. Although most of the buzz regarding the use of these chemicals is citing India as an example, European producers who export to Russia also use such techniques. Trust no one?-grow your own To improve his condition Ilya was recommended to eat organic, locally grown food. However, Russia is a pretty cold place. During most of the year growing vegetables and fruits is virtually impossible. They are mostly imported from Europe. Also as Iliya pointed out the distances are huge. Moscow to Yekaterinburg alone is at a distance of 2000 km. That is plus the 800-900 km to get from Europe to Russia. Keeping a tomato fresh for so long definitely involves a lot of chemicals. As a result Ilya struggled a lot to find quality clean food to treat his condition. He realized that going to the market is not an optimal solution because he still cannot be sure the food is 100% clean. Setting up a garden at his backward wasn t really an option due to the cold climate. Ilya realized that the only way he and others in a similar situation can have 100% clean food is by growing it indoors himself. The ATF Grower: From concept to reality This is how the concept of the ATF homegrower emerged?-?a home appliance that allows you to grow most plants anywhere and anytime. Read more about the device. In 2012 he met Alexei Kovnerchuk who was looking for equipment for growing vegetables. The two realized that although for different reasons they have the same cause?-?to provide organic vegetables and fruit to the Russian market. Fast forward to present day and the AgroTechFarm Homegrower is a working appliance with a dope design. Ilya went 100% organic, thanks to the grower and he is feeling better than ever. In fact, the team is ready to go to mass production!

February 17

The Future of Nutrition: Grow your Own Food

We developed a automated machine to grow your own 100% organic veggies and fruits! The whole process is fully automated. Simply click type of plant, then start and the our appliance will take care of everything. Not only will you get the benefits that come with eating organic plants but also you will have the opportunity to reconnect with nature at the comfort of your own home. Organic strawber...ries grown in Canada? Our system allows you to grow whatever you want regardless of the season or the climate zone in which you live! Zero tolerance for chemicals Since ancient times it is known that food has a huge impact on health and wellbeing. Today with the increased use of chemicals in agriculture, eating healthy is more complex than ever. Industrial agriculture exposes us to a ton of dangerous chemicals in the form of pesticides. Unfortunately, our livers have a hard time detoxifying from them. Our growers tackle this issue directly! Our growers use a hydroponic system, meaning that the plants get nutrients directly from their water, without the need for soil. As most pests and bacteria need soil to live. Hydroponics allow our grower to be 100% chemical free! Busy life quick meals Our cities are crowded, dirty and usually abundant in trash. Providing quality food for everyone in such an environment is quite the challenge. Because of how difficult organic growing has become prices are skyrocketing. As a result millions of city dwellers worldwide rely on cheap and processed foods. These foods are usually high in industrial fats, sugar and other chemicals. This makes them hard on the digestive system and increase the chance of developing health issues like diabetes type two. Fertile land is limited Local farming has increased by 78% in the last five years, yet this is not enough. The big problem is that each country has a set amount of fertile land. And despite the use of fertilizers there is only that much that the land produces. . This opens another issue-wildlife. Growing organic is great but leaving countless species without a habitat is not. The Solution: Grow your food at home Even though some people started growing herbs and some veggies in their gardens or on their balconies, many are not gifted a green thumb. Also even if you are experienced grower, wouldn t it be nice to spare yourself all the hassle? Our fully automated grower is ideal both for veterans and newbies. Our device is designed to grow a variety of crops at home. As the process if fully automated, anyone can use it. No need to have previous knowledge. The only thing left for the user to do is click the type of crop loaded in the device. Aside from being easy to use our growers, the technology they use is dope Our technology is dope. The grower uses the a hydroponic system and state of the art LED lightning. Hydroponics is cheap and effective. As well as that it does not use soil. This makes it impossible for pest and bacteria to develop. No need of weeding or cultivating. Simply plant and that is it. LED lights are the closest alternative to sunlight. What is more if the wavelength is properly adjusted LED lights are better than natural light at stimulating growth. Wrapping it all up! When developing our growers we were not looking for a way to replace nature but to bring it closer to people. Our growers offer a cheaper and fresher alternative to farm market organic plants. They use cutting edge technology and ensure the highest quality products.

February 15

A short history of Agro Tech Farm

Today we want to tell you more about the history of our company as a sign of openness and respect for our future investors. We, the founders of AgroTechFarm, started work in the field of automated cultivation to increase the yield of existing farms as early as in 2013. Back then our technologist Alexey Kovnerchuk patented the first development of a device for hydroponic growing. Our longstanding ...goal was to goal was to create a fully automated industrial machine for growing plants. Back in 2014 with the geopolitical event of Crimea, russia was cut off from the world by sanctions. As a retributional step, russia decided to sanction imports, which hit the agricultural sector especially hard. However, for russian entrepreneurs this opened an opportunity and a door to innovation. Since the supply was quasi decreased overnight, but demand didn t change, prices for agricultural products started to rise. We saw the opportunity and started to work on a vertical growing solution to increase the yield of existing farms a

February 4

Team ATF at the BEF in Singapore: Let s meet

From February 4th to 6th, 2018 two members from our team will be attending the Blockchain Economic Forum (BEF) in Singapore. Come and chat with the founder Alexander Basov, ask questions or if you have a proposition?-voice it! Who we are? Agro Tech Farm (ATF) created the kitchen appliance of the future-an automated home grower. There are two models. One for smaller plants like strawberries and t...he other for large crops like cannabis, tomatoes or peppers. The appliance takes care of all the needs of the plants. The user simply has to click the type of plant they are growing and voila. Next thing you know, fresh organic food and herb at your disposal! Learn more about us on Medium. We mostly chose the BEF for its size. It is one of the biggest crypto forums on a global scale. You can ask these about anything related to ATF, the growers or the ICO! Whether you are interested in being a partner, client or contributor to the ICO, make sure to come and see us! We are having an ICO! Our local business in Russia is going fantastic. But we know we can do more. With the funds raised from the ICO we want to take our growers to the other side of the globe-US and Canada. The legal framework there is increasing more lenient towards cannabis use and growth. With our growers both amateurs and pros will be able to enjoy organic cannabis to satisfy any need! See you in Singapore!

February 3

Agro Tech Farm ICO: Automated Home Growers

Real life farming is actually quite complicated Different plants require nutrients and light time, which most of us don t have time to be managing. But even with all the time in the world you d have to spend a lot on complicated equipment to manage humidity and temperature levels. Well, the engineers at Agro Tech Farm have solved all these problems so you can finally do it. ATFs Home Grower auto...mates the process in all its stages. Install the machine at home, click start the app in your phone and you re all set. And you don t have to control the growing process, weed anything or move the plant around. With no effort, you can enjoy the plants you love and grow them at your own home. Who are Agro Tech Farm? The ATF is composed of engineers and agronomists. They all have a background in what s called vertical hydroponic installations: an advanced farming technique that uses no soil and delivers nutrients by water solutions (thus the hydro-in hydroponic). Our aim is to bring back the old tradition of having a small garden and growing our own plants. Except with a big twist. ATF knows most city-folk have no experience growing things. This is why the team automated the process. Their appliance monitors everything and always knows what your crop needs. All you have to do is tell the device what you re growing and voila.

February 2

Statement-ICO Pre-Sale

Hello, Supporters of Organic Food! First of all, we want to express our deepest gratitude for the incredible support and consideration we have received the past few weeks. In the last days of our Pre?-Sale, we could see daily increases of views, messages and investing. Regrettably, without advertising or marketing budget, our outreach was still too low to reach our personal goals. In the ...face of this, we must assure you we are not giving up. Our dream of clean and fresh food for everyone is as alive as it was in the beginning. And before you lose heart, we d like to bring you good news. Just a while ago, a professional marketing company reached out to us and arranged flights to personally meet with us, take a close look at our product and discuss a possible collaboration. After seeing our product, we reached an agreement. And here is the announcement: We are rebooting our ICO, better and stronger than before. After seeing thousands of people coming to our site and supporting our dream without using any kind of advertisement, we are absolutely thrilled to think what we can achieve with this boost to our reach. What does this mean for you? The reason we ve come this far, and why we do what we do, is the people who have shown their support and love. That s why every investor so far will receive additional ATF Tokens! But that s not all! Our renewed ICO will involve a more intense managing. Thus, it ll display greater discounts for early supporters, a highly functional and sleek website, future-proof smart contracts and an attentive community ready to answer all your questions. It has also been a priority to keep our product unchanged. That has allowed us to keep dividend payout for the tokens as it has been so far. When does the new Pre?-Sale start? It will begin on February 7th, 2018 and last for one week. During this week, early supporters will receive great benefits. Ilya Tsigvintsev, CEO of Agrofram So, remember. Our ICO is coming back stronger and better, with far-reaching advertising for our product. This changes are all in favor of our customers and supporters of this dream. Every setback is a lesson, and we ve learned ours. We are looking forward to sharing a bright future with you, our family. Sincerely yours, - Ilya Tsigvintsev, CEO of Agrofram