Industrial and Home appliances for cannabis, strawberries, tomatoes cultivation.

The ATF token option based on real production. Over $1 million in R&D. The revolutionary appliance for the industrial cultivation - all year round and regardless of climate conditions.

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AgroTechFarm is a fully automated intelligent device for growing natural food. ATF will provide you with fresh organic vegetables, berries, and greens throughout the year, without chemicals, and regardless of your climate conditions. ATF is on the mission to supply the world with healthy food.
The AgroTechFarm company that has been developing pioneering agricultural technologies since 2012, announces its ICO to quickly scale the product and go global. The device will be sales in 2019.
What makes agrotechfarm unique

Smart farm

A smart farming system with AgroTechFarm facilitates the automated growth of vegetables and greens. It naturally provides perfect conditions for a specific plant culture throughout the entire growth cycle. The system is operated via a built-in touch screen and desktop and mobile app.

100% natural

The full quality control system allows you to monitor the use of mineral supplements and make the introduction of unhealthy substances impossible.

Unique plant species

By accurately emulating authentic climate conditions, the technology behind AgroTechFarm allows you to grow unique species that previously could only be cultivated in specific regions.

business model

AgroTechFarm cuts logistics costs by allowing you to raise vegetables and greens wherever you are. Thanks to its automation, the grow cabinet requires only a few personnel to run it. Multiple level structure can be used to harvest much more from 1 sq. m. as compared to the traditional growing methods.


Blockchain will secure the transparency and immutability of the information from the sensors, such as growth environment, nutritions used, and grow time. This will guarantee that the vegetables and greens raised with AgroTechFarm are organic and chemical-free.

Problems with the agricultural industry today include:
  • the climate conditions in Africa, Alaska, Middle East, and several other regions that are averse to agriculture;
  • an increasing shortage of fertile soil globally;
  • expensive logistics;
  • quality issues due to the shipping time and distance;
  • a lot of workforce required to produce;
  • dependency on the season;
  • the widely spread use of pesticides.
As a result, fresh organic vegetables and greens are expensive and sometimes even inaccessible for end consumers.
Innovative solution
for home, agriculture, business, medicine, science and education
ATF Home
Private households can always be provided with fresh organic food without any specific knowledges or skills because ATF Home is as easy-to-use as a coffee machine.
Small and midsize businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and groceries can provide their customers with fresh organic vegetables, berries, and greens with ATF Home.
Science & Education
The PRO mode of ATF Home empowers educational and scientific institutions with conducting various experiments and trials, which is a great way to learn, teach, and research agriculture.

ATF Industrial

Mass production
ATF Industrial enables industrial-scale growth with food retail supply chains and agricultural companies.
Property developers
Property development companies can achieve a great competitive advantage by introducing ATF Industrial into the infrastructure of their office buildings and residential compounds.
Humanitarian mission
ATF Industrial is a solution for global humanitarian organizations, governments, and programs that now struggle to provide fresh, organic food to people living in extreme climate conditions.
Technology overview

The ATF technology combines hydroponics (water), aeroponics (wind), heating and controlled light (sun) to imitate the perfect climatic conditions for the growth of a certain plant variety, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, rucola, strawberries, cannabis, and more. There are only two resources required to have fresh, organic food all year round with ATF: water and electricity. By leveraging the combination of technologies, ATF achieves a 30% quicker growth without the use of chemicals or other unhealthy practices. The process is fully automated: you simply add seeds (like you fill coffee beans in a coffee machine), nutrient solutions (similarly to adding laundry liquid in a washing machine), and get the crops in when the time comes. The technology is designed for private, commercial, and industrial use. By introducing blockchain, we as a manufacturer will guarantee end consumers the organic origin of produce sold by retailers equipped with ATF.

Two-stage air purification
  • Replaceable, high-efficiency charcoal filter will absorb all types of air contaminants;
  • Built-in electronic filter will keep the smell and potential allergic agents inside the cabinet.
Double air circulation system
  • Automated air temperature control that does not employ a cooler reduces energy consumption;
  • Density control through the micronized water dispersion;
  • Active airflow system that will secure the development of a strong stem and plat crown airing.
Adaptive lighting
  • LED lighting by Osram;
  • Pre-programmed color spectrum for each specific plant variety ranging from 440 nm to 740 nm;
  • automatic power control up to 400 W depending on a plant’s growth stage and species;
  • supplementary side lighting for advanced growth stages;
  • Sunrise and sunset emulation;
  • PRO mode allows for full control and customization of color spectrum, intensity, and switch-on time settings.
Built-in HD camera

The damp-proof HD camera will allow you to monitor the growth process in real time via smartphone, take pictures, and share them with others.

All-round growth module

The unique, patented plant cultivation system, combining hydroponics and aeroponics boosts nutrient solution oxygenation, thus improving all vital processes of a plant which leads to a rich harvest.

Integration with general utilities

AgroTechFarm can be easily integrated with general utilities. Just like a washing machine, it automatically takes water in and out.

Digital control panel
  • The built-in touch screen will allow you to directly manage your own smart farm when you’re close to it;
  • With the digital control panel, you will be able to set a pin code, thus securing the farm from unauthorized access. Your farm, your rules, and no one else can alter that.
CO2 fertilization unit

Carbon dioxide feed unit stimulates active metabolism in a plant and increases its vegetative mass by 30%.

Plant height recognition

The ultrasonic and machine height recognition feature will allow the system to automatically adjust to achieve the best results.

  • Remote control through the iOS/Android app will give you the opportunity to raise your plants from wherever you are; Default modes will allow you to grow the most popular plants at ease;
  • The interactive tutorial will guide you through the process of raising your own plants;
  • Statistics and dynamics throughout the whole growth cycle can be recorded and analyzed to improve your experience;
  • 3rd side fertilizers can be added to the intrinsic database;
  • Data, experience, and hack exchange with other AgroTechFarm users;
  • User level hierarchy that allows you to choose the degree of flexibility in settings.
Nutrient control
  • The built-in nutrient solution unit controls and manages the electrical conductivity, pH acidity, and solution temperature. It also automatically maintains the selected solution formula unchanged throughout the whole growth cycle;
  • Supported are from five to ten solution formulas based on the device modification.
Nutrient solution sensors

Highly accurate built-in sensors will allow you to monitor electrical conductivity (EC), pH acidity, and nutrient solution temperature in real time.


AgroTechFarm ICO is a project of a well-established company. It was founded in 2012 by a team of crop research, agronomics, agrochemistry, software development, engineering, management, marketing, business management, and finance specialists. From the beginning, the company has focused on the development of cutting-edge agricultural technologies. In 2014, AgroTechFarm patented a hydroponics device and presented its prototype. 2017 saw the market launch of microgreens, produced using their own unique technology. This was followed by the preliminary approval of three further patents.

The AgroTechFarm production launch is scheduled for August 2018. ICO was chosen as a funding model that will allow for a quick scaling of the product, ensuring high speed to global market, and, finally, feeding the world with fresh, organic vegetables, berries, and greens.

2012 The establishment of the AgroTechFarm core team and our very first experiments and concept trials.
2013 Patent applications, device test drives, and further technology development.
2014 Approval of the first patent and participation in the first trade fairs, including Skolkovo which brought us an award certificate for our technical solution.
2014 The development of the first automated plant growth system and the first plant growth mode trials begin.
2015 The first home prototype developed to allow for hydroponically raising tall-growing plants.
2016 Testing the Home edition device and further development of nodes and software.
2017 The device design is presented at trade fairs. The medal for Innovative Technologies received as an achievement during one of the exhibitions. The first clients and investors have demonstrated interest in AgroTechFarm Industrial.
2017 The microgreens production launched under the Organic Greens brand.
2017 Preparation for the ICO begins.
2018 The AgroTechFarm Home edition preproduction model developed. Trials of the new product begin.
2-3Q 2018 ICO launch
3Q 2018 The launch of AgroTechFarm Home edition and and iOS, Android, and desktop applications. The development of AgroTechFarm Industrial begins.
3Q 2018 The official partnership with the leading LED lighting developer, OSRAM, established.
4Q 2018 Official partnerships with the leading nutrient manufacturers GHE, Advanced Nutrients, HESI , BAC, Biobizz, and Nagricoin established.
4Q 2018 Market launch of AgroTechFarm.
1Q 2019 Launch of the AgroTechFarm Industrial demo version.
2Q 2019 AgroTechFarm Home and AgroTechFarm Industrial presented at international trade fairs.
3Q 2019 Expansion to new markets and global sales.
4Q 2019 Development, launch, and trials of the first aquaponic prototype.
2020 Mounting AgroTechFarm in extreme climate zones.
2020 The introduction of blockchain.
2020-2023 Further development of the technology to enable the autonomous production in zero gravity.
2023-2025 A prototype for zero gravity environment built. Further development, improvement, and trials of the methodology and technical components.
2025 Delivering AgroTechFarm to Mars in collaboration with Elon Musk. Collaboration with NASA and Roscosmos
Discount on product
ATF tokens will allow for the AgroTechFarm product price discount up to 20%. When purchasing the product you can get an up to 20% discount by paying no less than 60% of its price in fiats (conventional currency, i.e. dollar, euro, etc.) and up to 20% in ATF tokens. This discount is not cumulative with any other discount. The amount paid in ATF tokens is calculated based on their exchange rate at the date of purchase.
Discount in maintenance
ATF tokens allow you to get a 50% discount in maintenance and supplies which include seeds, nutrients, hardware accessories, and the AgroTechFarm PRO app. The amount paid in ATF tokens is calculated based on their exchange rate at the date of purchase.
ATF tokens will be listed on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The details will be announced shortly after the completion of the ICO.
Buy back
We will be buying ATF tokens back from exchanges once the devices are launched on the market.
Food for Tokens

The ultimate goal with ATF is to make organic, chemical-free produce available across the globe, thanks to our disruptive agricultural technology, intelligent software, and blockchain. By working towards this goal, we aim to gradually deliver on the so called FOOD FOR TOKENS concept. Alongside making blockchain part of the technology to guarantee that the produce cultivated with ATF is completely chemical-free in 2020, we plan to gently introduce new utility tokens based on a private blockchain with a much higher transaction throughput. Two examples of utility token circulation:

  1. Direct communication between AgroTechFarm company and end consumer, an ATF Home owner. As a manufacturer, we will provide a range of services, such as maintenance, support, advisory, and supply of fertilizers and accessories. The ATF owner will have two options to pay for these services: either in fiat currencies, such as dollar, euro and others, or in ATF utility tokens. If the latter option is chosen, the customer will get up to a 50% discount on the price calculated with the exchange rate at the date of purchase.
  2. A supply chain including AgroTechFarm company, an agricultural company, a retailer, and an end consumer. Knowing that they will get a sizeable discount in maintenance cost, the wholesale agricultural company equipped with ATF devices will be motivated to offer the retailer with a sizeable discount if the payment is provided in ATF tokens. The end consumer will still buy from the retailer with a fiat currency, until the time when payment in cryptocurrencies is widely adopted by retail.

These are only two ATF utility token circulation examples out of many. In addition to the ATF devices, we will be further developing ATF-i apps to build and improve the marketplace within them. This is projected to become a base for self-regulating, decentralized market of organic, chemical-free produce, knowledge, and services.

ATF Token Details
Token Name: Agro Tech Farm
Ticker Symbol: ATF
Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
The planned cost of buy from the exchange: 1 ATF = 0.1 ETH = 0.0025 BTC
Total Token Amount: 1,790,000 ATF
ICO fundraising: 2,500 ETH
Maximum tokens distributed via ICO: 3,250,000 ATF
Minimum token purchase: No limit
Maximum token purchase: No limit
Eligibility: Anyone except permanent residents of the US due to legal restrictions or trade sanctions.
ICO Smart Contract: Mintable
Smart contract
ATF token allocation

65% for sale

10% reserve

7% marketing

6% team

5% referral program

3% advisors

2% partners

2% bounty

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Ilya Tsigvintsev
CEO & Founder
Ilya has 15 years of experience in business. This includes sales of construction equipment, building material manufacturing, establishing a video equipment installation company, and tender supplies for state enterprises.
Alexander Basov
COO & CO-Founder
Alexander manages analytical and marketing activities, organizes business processes, and develops strategy. He has done business for the past 10 years, which includes founding a courier delivery company and an advertising agency.
Natalia Savinova
PR Manager
Natalia has 8 years of experience in developing international relations and providing linguistic services. She joined ATF to apply her experience and skills to strengthening the company's global presence.
Olga Sivitskaya
Head of Marketing
Marketing expert with 12 years of project management, developed mostly within advertising and sport & health industries, including hardware projects (fitness tracker) with focus on U.S. and Europe markets & 9 years in marketing: brand strategy development, brand advertising campaigns development and execution, digital & cross media marketing, Degree in Marketing and Product Management.
Ekaterina Naimushina
Community Manager
Successful management of startup projects for 4 years. Bachelor degree in Digital Marketing and Finances. Fluency in 3 languages: Spanish, English and Russian. Specialization in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain fields. Communicative, creative and innovative.
Olga Bashirova
Olga is responsible for legal and economic affairs with ATF. She develops and manages relations with existing and potential customers at all levels; partnerships, sales, and project management.
Kirill Smirnov
Kirill is specialist in organic farming. He has curated his own organic substrate production for the past five+ years. As a technician, he is responsible for the introduction of humic substances into the hydroponic system of ATF.
Evgeniy Kurochkin
Evgeniy is specialist in modern plant cultivation technologies. Five years ago, he began with soil and then introduced aeroponics into his competence. He is responsible for the selection of the optimal conditions for each specific plant variety. Evgeniy’s professional record includes studies about various plant species.
Sergey Mosolov
Sergey specializes in enterprise management systems and client-server applications in UNIX environments. He has 20 years of professional experience.
Olga Prilepina
Legal adviser
Olga has an LLM degree in European and International Economic Law from LMU Munich. She is competent in international trade, services, license contracts, corporate law, and dispute resolutions. Olga supports companies in international project management and negotiations. She operates as a legal adviser to a Russian IT company. Fluent in German and English.
Hasan Whitehat
Programming, Security
Hasan Awan is a cybersecurity expert in residence at NED University and a CISSP with extensive cybersecurity experience. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Sir Syed University of Engineering.
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